Get in a Routine

I am here to tell you again. That the focus of my blog is not to see how fast we can memorize the Qur’aan but  how we can memorize and not forget  it. Because as you know to memorize and forget without a valid reason is a grave sin.  My focus is no matter  what age    you  are that anyone can memorize the Qur’aan and be  among the ones who Allah loves the most. It just time , effort  and a person who is really going to be dedicated to memorizing and  retaining Allahs  Book.


First I think its best to get in a routine a schedule . We need to have a set time every day  and  keep this time to focus on memorizing solely and have a special place were will will not  be distracted by anything or anyone .   Remember this is our special time with just  us and Allah, to  recite his words ,reflect and ponder over them.

One of the best times  I have realized to memorize is after  Salaatul Fajr

This is the best one   and when most everyone else is asleep.

Its very  quite and  this gives you time to focus on just you and memorizing


Please keep up with this time and always memorize  Do not miss. If you have to them make sure that you  make up what you miss.

Its very important that we do not miss one  day of memorizing .  I feel that when we do if we miss even one we will fall in to this habit and we do not want to do this.

So  please I  am stressing keep up with your review and dont forget.



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