Tips to Help Your Journey Getting Started Memorizing Quraan

Get a good  qualified teacher, one who has studied  Quraan and knows the  Tajweed rules and has Ijazah to teach.      I  for one do not trust these online teachers. I prefer the one on one teacher who can see me  face to face ,  listen to me read and correct my mistakes if I  made any. With a person on line its hard to see  because you are behind a computer. I feel face to face contact is better But this is just me. But if you cant find a teach Do you best to   find one one line but make sure they are qualified to teach.  I  am a bit iffy about that my self. But  all is good in sha Allah.

Get an  English Translation of the   Qur’aan

I recommend every one have a copy of  the translation of Quraan in English or which ever country you are from , have one handy in your language.  Before I learned arabic  I had to do this  because  I wanted to be able to understand each  Surah I was reading and the Meaning and Story behind it .

Yusuf Ali

or Sahhih International are good translations

also you can go on line and  download on computer but I still enjoy having books.

MP 3  I recommend everyone  if you have   a smartphone, download Quran app to your phone so you can take it with you wherever you go and listen to the Quraan

Get a notebook  so you can  write down. It helps you keep up with progress and see how much you have grown and learned. Its also a good encouragement  for others .

Have a positive attitude  Always think positive

Have  good intention and keep them pure. Stay away from sin because this decreases knowledge , and Make  Dua.

May Allah Make it easy for us all who want to learn  his Book and  Implement in to our lives and teach others Ameen .

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