Recommended Links

Online Memorisation Tools   Download the excellent juz30 software or the Quran CD/MP3    One of the Best  Tools on line Ive  seen for   Memorizing the Qur’aan


Quran Flash : click here to read from an online mushaf.  This one is colour coded for the Tajweed rules but to change the style to match your own Mushaf click here


Qur’aan Audio   There is a wide selection of reciters to choose from maasha Allaah.  Listen without downloading An excellent tajweed resource that every student should have    another useful tool  that is a must. You can pick from any  Sheikh you want, and it keeps track of  what portion you have memorized and received and how much you have done all together.   I use this with my daughter as well. She loves to  memorize and it keeps her encouraged to  see  how much she has done and to  finish a surah to move on to the next   Excelent tool


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