Bio : What started this Journey


How did  I come about to decided to memorize the Qur’aan?

I wanted to  strengthen my Imaan(faith) and   renew   my relationship and   become closer to  Allah (subhana wa taala )    I also want to be among one of the ones Allah Loves  The Most, and We all  know he loves the ones who have memorized his Book and  teaches it to others.  So I want to be among these people.

Also  the benefits you get rewards for every letter you memorize   10 hasanat(rewards to be exact.  Can you imagine that on  Yaum Al Qiyamah   ( The Day of Judgement )  When we stand before Allah, because the Qur’aan will intercede for us, were we stopped. So can you imagine  the  blessing we will get in this life not to mention blessing and rewards in  hereafter

I  Challenged my self  to do this and I also Challenge you as well

Lets Reap the Benefits and get the Rewards from Memorizing this Blessed Book The Words of Allah .


I encourage everyone to  do it and if you have not started to day then please  pick up your Quraan and start, reading  not only memorize but ponder over its words and beautiful message.  Get the benefits for memorizing  and get the rewards for teaching it to other.

Dont let this wonderful opportunity pass you by.  It is never too late.

Even to  Memorize  Some Qur’aan is better  than nothing .


Thanks You All For Reading and Stopping by


I love you all for the sake of Allah


Please  keep me in your duaa and prayers as I embark on the long Journey but well worth it.


May Allah Bless and Reward you all.   ameen





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