Million Dollar Question What it takes to Memorize the Quraan


Ok so here is the million dollar  question that I always here if not once but  a million times  a day.  Help me to  memorize the Qur’aan fast.  How can I do this?

Well I am sorry to tell you, honestly these people out here that  you seen on social media

such as facebook, twitter, and other sites promoting  memorizing Qur’aan at the speed of lighting. This is wrong.  People like this are just looking to make a fast dollar and even now days they will sell their deen just to get this.

There is no fast easy way to memorize. It takes  long hours,effort and hard work.

Because our goal here is to memorize and retain the Qur’aan.

I have seen many people who have memorized it even had their kids to, soon after to finish with the memorizing and end up after a year or so later   you go back and ask them and they have forgotten it. Forgetting the Qur’aan if a gave sin if there is no medial reason   or something  that is causing you to forget the  Quraan.   Now its just quick fix,  I want to get the Ijazah (certificate) to teach and show Ive finished.Now days memorizing Quraan has lost all its meaning people are just doing it to show off, and once they are done they do nothing to help spread the book of Allah and to teach it. Now its just  mearly another notch in the persons belt or they are just memorizing to make their self look good in the eyes of the public.

Even you have Sheikhs  and people who have memorized  who are encouraging people to memorize fast, and charing tons of money, getting rich off of the book of Allah. Its wrong and not right.  Memorizing Quraan need to go back to the way it was  during the   Times of Allahs Messenger  peace and blessings be upon him


Were the Sahabah ( Companions) would take years  to learn a Surah one in particular were.  It was  Abdullah Ibn Umar   SubhanAllah It took him  14 years  to learn Surah Baqarah  because he wanted  to learn a few ayats   and not go on to the next until he implement its teaching in to his  every day life. Not like people today who just a race against time. I have to finish the Quraan in a certain amount of time before so and so . Sadly this is what people in our generation have  come to forgetting the true meaning and being show offs. Astaghfirullah


It took Abdullah Ibn Umar 14 years to memorise Al-Baqarah, why?


Imam Ahmed narrates that Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said regarding something: “That would happen when knowledge is lost.” One of the Sahabah asked, “O Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam), how could knowledge be lost when we have studied the Quran, we are teaching it to our children and our children will teach it to theirs.” Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Woe to you! I thought you were one of the most learned men of Medinah. Can’t you see the Jews and Christians are not benefiting even though they have their scriptures (Torah and Injeel) right with them?”

This hadith makes clear that if there is no application of the Quran, its recitation becomes useless. If we know what the Quran contains but don’t apply it, we become like donkeys carrying books as our burdens, not benefitting from our loads.

How did the Sahabah study the Quran? If we take the example of Abdullah ibn Umar (radi Allahu anhu), it took him 14 years to finish memorizing Surah Baqarah. He was so happy after he completed memorizing it that he slaughtered a camel and invited all the people to come celebrate with him.

Abdullah ibn Umar (radi Allahu anhu) was a companion of Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) and the Quran was revealed in his own language. Abdullah ibn Umar (radiAllahu anhu) was also an eminent scholar. Then how is it that he took 14 years to memorize what is done nowadays by Muslims in a matter of months?

This is because the way that the Sahabah would study the Quran is that they would take ten ayaat at a time only. They would study these ten ayaat, study the eemaan, the ilm, the halal and the haram in these ayaat. They would memorize the ayaat and apply its rulings to their lives. They would not move onto the next ten ayaat until they had brought their lives into compliance with the first ten. The Quran thus became alive and second nature to them, its knowledge was not wasted and lost.






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